Premium Cleaning Kit (PACK of 10)


  • Complete Product Range
  • Consists of some special products like Descaling Powder, Magic Sponge
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Wathare’s Klean® Home Cleaning Essential Combo Kit (10 in 1) consists of Toilet Cleaner 500 ml, Floor Cleaner 500 ml, Dish Wash
Liquid 250 ml, Kleanyl – Concentrated Surface Cleaner 200 ml, Bathroom Cleaner 500 ml, Tap Cleaner 250 ml, Glass Cleaner 250 ml, Acid 1 Kg, Descaling Powder 200 g, Magic Sponge 1 No.

This premium kit consists of products which are required on daily basis with few should have products such as Descaling Powder, Magic Sponge etc.

  • Toilet Cleaner is used for removal of stains, spots, yellow marks etc from toilet bowls to bring back the shine.
  • Floor Cleaner is used for general purpose floor and surface cleaning. Its special formula, cleans surfaces with ease.
  • Dish Wash Liquid (Lemon Fragrance) is used for cleaning daily utensils. It is a concentrate liquid which needs to be diluted with water as per usage.
  • Bathroom Cleaner is used for removal of stains, spots, water scales from Bathroom Tiles, Ceramic Items, Chromium Items etc. It excellently acts as a descaling cleaner.
  • Kleanyl is a concentrated surface cleaner. It is used for floor cleaning as well as in toilets after toilet cleaning.
  • Tap Cleaner is the best product for removing hard scales from Faucets, Mixer Units, Taps, Shower Heads, Chromium Parts etc.
  • Glass Cleaner is general purpose cleaner used for cleaning glass, mirrors, laminates, surfaces etc.
  • Descaling Powder is used for tub cleaning of washing machines, heater coils cleaning etc.
  • Acid is used for Toilet and Bathroom Cleaning purpose. It should be used with caution. Instructions mentioned on the pack should be strictly followed.
  • Magic Sponge is used for wet cleaning of automobiles, kitchen floors, glass, windows, furniture etc. It absorbs 10 times more than ordinary sponge and removes most spills, stains etc.

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Blossom, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon


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